Indigenous stations merger to provide better coverage of regions

June 19, 2020 by JonDod  
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Indigenous stations merger to provide better coverage of regions

6 August 2016 – A number of Indigenous radio and television stations have merged their coverage into a single digital package, effectively ending the fragmented Indigenous networks available on the national radio, television and film networks.

Indigenous Radio Corporation of Australia’s (IRCA) new ‘Indigenous stations’, or ISCs, will combine their live TV and radio, including broadcast, and online broadcast services. With ISCs, stations can easily carry live content and on-demand online in a way that is not only affordable for small businesses, but also can be offered in multiple languages.

The merger will deliver the improved, on-demand co드림 카지노verage, as well as content from the same i바카라 카지노ndependent broadcasting and community groups, that would not have been available before.

The Government has set up a joint committee to consider the potential impact of a joint-ISC policy in the coming weeks.

The Government intends to ensure that원주콜걸 Indigenous radio and television, which have been struggling to compete with other radio stations, receive the support, and the benefits, of full regional coverage, which they have long been missing.

Indigenous broadcaster ARZ has said the new joint-ISC policy is needed to enhance the regionalism and diversity of their broadcast services, by increasing their national content and providing online services.

This new digital package will cover all ISCs in Australia from 7 August 2016, and is the product of consultation with the Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Torres Strait Islander, New Zealand-based indigenous stations.

The public will benefit from:

Increased regional coverage

Expanded national digital coverage

Online services on local news websites

More Indigenous stations across Australia

The government will commit $40 million in infrastructure investment to ensure that local broadcasters, including ARZ, continue to deliver excellent, and consistent, regional radio and television coverage.

Indigenous Radio and Television Corporation of Australia (IRCA) CEO Peter White said:

“We are taking some important steps forward in terms of creating regional ISCs for Indigenous broadcasters, providing regional-focused online services and providing enhanced regional and local digital content. These are all vital steps to create stronger regional broadcasting and to help indigenous stations to continue to grow.”


Australia has one of the largest Australian-funded indigenous radio networks of any national media company in the world, with about 35 stations, including some well-established and significant independent television, radio and online radio services. IRCA offers an extensiv