Wyong councillor questions appointment of former property develpeur

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Wyong councillor questions appointment of former property develpeur


A former city property officer who was appointed to the council’s strategic planning portfolio has faced allegations he was a key player in an extensive property investment scheme.

Linda Yang-Yong resigned from the council’s board of directors in June 2017 but it is now been claimed she bought and invested in hundreds of properties over years.

Councillor Yang-Yong was an adviser for many property developers, including Gunga Bai양산출장샵 Properties and the newly formed BKC group.

The allegations have been made as she is suing three members of the council’s planning team — Peter Jones and Matthew Roberts — and a company she set up for the purpose.

The카지노톡 trio have accused her of “illegal” and “criminal” actions.

“Linda Yang-Yong has taken a position as a former property consultant of a number of major development companies in Melbourne, and was employed by Gunga Bai Properties as a property adviser in 2016.

“[She] assisted [Gunga Bai Properties] in developing a significant new residential development at the BKC project site.

“Gunga Bai Properties was ultimately successful in negotiating the approval for a residential develop서산출장마사지ment in an area of Melbourne known for its commercial activity.

“Gunga Bai Properties paid LYng-Yong an annual fee of approximately $8,800, and the payment from the council’s approved project was for her to travel to Brisbane to visit the development as its main site manager.”

Mr Jones denies any wrongdoing.

“We believe that Linda Yang-Yong engaged in conduct that fell well within the remit of the role,” he told 612 ABC Melbourne’s 8.30 report.

He said his company had to follow the council’s guidelines and not engage in “travesty or bribery”.

“The City of Melbourne cannot take lightly decisions and decisions need to be taken in the public interest.”

In June Ms Yang-Yong and Ms Roberts — whose combined salaries are nearly $2.5 million each — announced they would sue her.

The case has gone to the High Court where a trial date is expected to be set for May 2018.

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David eastman murder conviction shoudl be quashed hearing told in court

August 14, 2020 by JonDod  
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David eastman murder conviction shoudl be quashed hearing told in court

BELLEFONTE TWP. — A state judge said Monday that he would have thrown out a murder conviction of a Bellefonte Township man accused of shooting his neighbor’s dog after the victim’s 14-year-old daughter was killed at her Bellefonte home.

State Court Judge Robert T. Bock ruled in favor of State’s Attorney Thomas Lipski of Montgomery County, citing a number of issues related to how to proceed in the case, including whether Bellefonte Distr바카라ict Judge Elizabeth G. Zwiebel properly applied state law when she sentenced James Pugh III to two years in prison for shooting his father-in-law, Christopher Pugh, in the head with the shotgun he was holding during an altercation.

Prosecutors argued in the state’s case that Pugh, 41, shot Pugh’s father, who is also his ex-girlfriend, as Pugh, wearing the No. 2 St바카라사이트eelers jersey he wears and carrying a handgun, moved to the back of their house to hide the gun and the gun’s ammunition inside his home.

Pugh is now a convicted felon and will not serve those years because he broke his probation in 2013, the state’s prosecutors said. The judge did not discuss the issue before the sentencing hearing.

At least three other people are currently jailed for their roles in the shooting, including a neighbor.

In its complaint against Pugh, the prosecution noted that the rifle Pugh was convicted of possessing was not registered to him. The prosecution also said Pugh said he owned the shotgun but owned a number of other weapons, including knives, scop우리카지노es and firearms.

When defense attorney John O’Neill questioned how the court could conclude that Pugh was not a danger to others if he was a good neighbor, Bock replied, “I understand you want to make all of us safer. I know that’s what you’re looking for.”

After the hearing, Zwiebel issued a statement saying that she and her office are disappointed the court decided not to retry the case.

“(The jury) failed to meet their constitutional duty and duty to find for the defendant at the trial and in this appeal,” Zwiebel said in the statement.

Gadie S. O’Brien, Pugh’s lead attorney, said in a statement after the hearing that she “has never seen anything more egregious” in her 30-year career in criminal law than what happene