Locals in regional areas delight in downpour, which can leave them with little or no shelter, only water to drink for hours

September 10, 2020 by JonDod  
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Locals in regional areas delight in downpour, which can leave them with little or no shelter, only water to drin룰렛k for hours.

The floodwa속초안마ters damaged the local roads, leaving no one to repair damaged roads, even though the roads were washed away in landslides and debris and are still too slippery to move. The roads are being washed away by rainwater and are still in the process of being repaired.

There were also reported incidents where people are drowning to death. Residents said that water licks the road surface because the water is so deep, but they could not locate any signs of the drowned people being rescued.

A local resident who lives near the village of Dungu village also said that there have been cases of bodies hanging from the ceiling of houses that were washed away by the flood waters. Many houses were damaged by the flood waters, she said.

The villagers have reportedly tried to prevent people from washing up on the banks of the river, but this has also caused them many problems.

More than 5,000 houses in Lohang town were flooded and many homes lost their roofs, roofs, and brick walls. A total of 6,715 houses in that area were affected with an aggregate loss of 758 million rupiah. In Lohang town, more than 2,000 buildings were damaged.

The flood waters covered roads as well, forcing local vehicles to shut off on the roads and leaving many local residents stranded. One local resident said that the city’s public bus driver has refused to take people to hospitals, so that he can attend to the local people.

Rajib Talwar, executive director of the National Disaster Risk Reduction Authority (NNRRA), said that the flood waters of the river Chikpo inundated and inundated roads at a considerable speed, causing injuries and destruction. He said that, out of the water in the river, there was a significant portion of landslides as water rushed past the earth and the ground. He urged the affected people to take to the streets to show how safe they are, but, he added, they would not have the power to do so because of the speed at which the flood waters came down.

The authorities have announced that residents of Lohang Town, around 40 kilometers northeast of the town of Kandy town, will not receive electricity supply or water delivery for the next three days due to the flooding. They have also announced that all water services would be suspended네이버 룰렛 for the next three days due to flood waters, but, th