Charlton flood mitigation options revealed to have been used in Somerset

September 10, 2020 by JonDod  
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Charlton flood mitigation options revealed to have been used in Somerset.

The Somerset Environment Protection Agency (SECA) has confirmed that the Somerset Local Authorities Group is considering building a flood protection system that can intercept and neutralise natural disasters in the region.

“A variety of proposals have been made but we want to see some development before we get anything finalised,” said the SECA chairman, Tony MacPherson.

“I think it will be very important for us to have that review to see if any of those options can be implemented in terms of protecting against flooding in areas where we are operating in areas we have not before.”

“This is a matter which we are taking very seriously and we need to ensure that in the future we are not putting people at risk.”

In November 2015, the Somerset Local Auth성남출장샵orities Group (SLLG) announced plans to construct a water diversion fa카지노cility on a 5,000 acre site in Somerset at the request of the government of the county. The site was already in use by the Somerset Wildlife Trust and was an effective flood mitigation tool.

According to SECA documents, there are 20 to 30 potential flood barriers available for use during a natural disaster.

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According to SECA, the potential applications made by the SECA have included ‘using the existing flood barriers for the purpose of building a water diversion facility’.

The company said it expects a final plan and further research to be completed within the next year.

The SLLG believes that the diversion facility will cost around £600,000 to build.

“I hope it is a significant expense for the Somerset Local Authority, and therefore a much better investment for the Somerset Government.

“The diversion facility is one of the more expensive flood control options at this point.”