Clarke welcomes settlement with abc13

September 10, 2020 by JonDod  
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Clarke welcomes settlement with abc13

CHAPEL HILL: An alleged attack on a Portland cab driver continues after the man in custody in connection to the incident.

Police said Friday that the man’s name and identity remain unconfirmed, but the incident remains under investigation.

An Oregon cab driver was allegedly attacked last weekend in connection to the incident, but police sai바카라 스토리d Friday that the victim has no connection to it.

It all began Friday night in Portland. An unidentified black man reportedly stole the cab of a female cab driver. He asked her to a corner, and as he took off, her truck drove off the road.

After he had gone to the corner, police said he approached the woman again. He allegedly punched and kicked the woman. Police were called and the man was arrested.

Then Saturday morning, the man took off again, this time from another corner.

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The Oregonian reports the man told police that the woman gave him $350. He wanted her to let him take the money to a motel for cash, so he would get a ride later.

Police said Monday afternoon that they’ve located the cab driver’s cab and the woman was taken into custody.

The two were arrested on suspicion of assault with intent to commit robbery with a weapon. Police were sea우리 카지노rching for a third suspect as well.

The victim is not being identified, but she’s described as a 25-year-old black woman, 5′2″, 175 pounds, and possibly in her 40s. Police also are looking for her mobile phone or other property, as well as for any other surveillance video of the attack, the news station reports.