Bible, Church and Leadership

Stop Whining and Start Winning

I can still feel Colorado when I think about what it was like to live there.  Unfortunately,... 

Red Cups, Xmas, Happy Holidays and the Culture of Outrage

I would never say that I have been persecuted for my faith.  I have been harassed,... 

Book Review: Scary Close by Donald Miller

In 2006, I had just been fired from my job as a pastor in St. Louis.  I was struggling... 

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Family and Parenting

Why Men are Scared to Have Daughters

Being Daddy to a baby girl is the best Most men would have to confess that when he... 

A Healthy Sex Life Begins with Dishes and Laundry

I don’t want to be too provocative or racy on the blog today, but I need to... 

Attention Dads: Be the Good Cop and the Bad Cop

The two parents in our home have different titles. (FYI: my wife came up with these.)... 

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General Insanity, Silliness and Rants

Mockingjay Part 2 Movie Review

I have seen a lot of teenage post-apocalyptic dramas over the last few years.  It comes with the territory of being a dad of girls.  I have seen both Divergent series movies, Maze Runner, Ender’s Game,and more.  However, the best of all of them, by far, has been the Hunger Games movies.  The first movie was very good.  After I saw it, Lauren... [Read more of this review]

Spectre Movie Review

So it begins, the holiday movie season.  We have some great ones coming up.  I of course mean Hunger Games and Star Wars.  You can keep the Academy Award nominees and go read a more sophisticated blog.  Here you get blockbusters and an occasional date movie.  Warning: I was not in a great mood when I watched this movie.  That could have clouded... [Read more of this review]

Arkansas Razorbacks Men’s Basketball Preview

90% of this pastor blog is stuff that you would find on a pastor blog.  The other 10% is the stuff you would expect on my blog–fun things that I love to talk about–Disney World, Movies, 80’s Music and Razorback Basketball. I have been a huge Razorback basketball fan for as long as I have memories, which for me dates back to Eddie... [Read more of this review]

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