About Cloften

Cloften is the oft-used username for Charlie Loften. He loves that almost no one spells Loften with an “e-n” (most are “o-n” and “i-n”).  Therefore, he rarely has a problem getting that username and is rarely stuck with cloften01 or c_loften (Not sure what happened with g-mail).

Anyway, Charlie has been in professional ministry since he graduated from Hendrix College in Conway, AR in 1994.  After spending six years in college ministry with Student Mobilization, he finished his seminary degree at Denver Seminary in December of 2001.  Currently Charlie is the Lead Pastor in Fayetteville, AR for The Grove Church.  His style of teaching, ministry and life is laid-back and relational, desiring that people have authentic relationships with God and each other.

In addition to being a pastor, he would consider his most important role to be husband/dad to the four most important and beautiful women in the world–his wife Heidi and his three daughters Maylee, Lauren and Laylah.

Charlie also loves movies, video games and pop-culture stuff.  His knowledge of pop-culture, especially from the 80’s, has often been called obsessive and dangerous.  This, of course, only encourages him.

Lastly, writing this in the 3rd person was both troubling and humorous to Charlie.