Bradley the case for data retention still hasnt been made

September 10, 2020 by JonDod  
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Bradley the case for data retention still hasnt been made. What I will say it would require major changes that you cant afford.

It would also make it quite possible for any data of an individual to be accessed by ANY government agency. As opposed to having a database based on the content of an individual’s communication, that data would be stored on a global server all across the globe.

I find the entire idea of creating a database that would store every single communication on a global scale a very silly one. The idea of data retention should go out the window.

I am not claiming there is ANYTHING wrong with having a database of data based on content but what you really have with retention is the idea that people are not able to speak about their communi김해출장샵 김해출장안마cation and/or choose if or how to talk about it in public.

No reasonable person can believe that we have a society with the ability to co에비앙 카지노mmunicate every minute of every day. No sane person could have said I believe that any communica포항출장안마원나잇tion should be limited to private conversations with their friends. No sane person could say that all communication should be monitored. No sane person could say that government has a right to get hold of every word in every conversation.

We are in a war with privacy and the current idea is that the only way you can be heard is through mass surveillance.

You will make people go “Ugh”.