Menzies revels in melbourne massacre and says she’s ‘not a fan of the government’

September 10, 2020 by JonDod  
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Menzies revels in melbourne massacre and says she’s ‘not a fan of the government’

Tony Abbott used his first interview since the government’s policy on asylum seekers to try to downplay the horror of last week’s deadly knife attack, telling ABC News 24 his message to asylum seekers was “good, you know, that we’re a compassionate nation, that we’re a tolerant nation and that we’re not a fan of the government.”

Abbott said “if I were a person that had suffered a knife attack recently and wanted to make a statement or if someone had come into this country for protection and they were a young child, perhaps they would be referred to the police.”

On Wednesday night, federal police killed one asylum seeker and an indigenous man in what appeared to be a deliberate attack – although they have not confirmed the dead man’s identity.

In the wake of a week’s worth of media coverage over the incident on a train near Melbourne’s city 넷마블 포커centre, Abbott said in a Wednesday morning interview on Q&A that he is “not a fan of the government that is currently in government”.

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He went on to call refugee resettlement a “burden” on welfare, while also saying asylum seeker arrivals, particularly children, should be prioritised. “I do say these issues are urgent – as you know, when you look at the number of asylum seekers, we’ve had some very difficult decisions to make – but I do believe that we can do far more to help the world see Australia is an attractive country,” he said.

During the interview, Abb최고의 퀄리티ott said he was “sorry for the children” that were killed in what he described as a “sadistic” attack that “did not feel like anyone is at fault”. He later went on to say that he believed there were some “good people … probably in the asylum seekers themselves that did the wrong thing.”

He said he understood the “sadism” and expressed “our great grief” for the victims – and also for the families of the killed and missing.

He also said that “it doesn’t look goo더킹 카지노d for Australia that a very, very small and young group of people” have targeted people with knives. “It was clearly an organised attack and was not a random attack,” he said. “You’re talking about an organised group of people and they have been wel