Qld govt calls for probe into agent orange claims of 9/11

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Qld govt calls for probe into agent orange claims of 9/11

by Bill Kristol, Washington Post

Oct. 26, 2001

Opinion column by Bill Kristol

A new federal investigation is being conducted into claims that a CIA agent in Baghdad ordered his subordinates to detonate an i바카라사이트mprovised explosive device (IED) that caused the death of one United States Marine and injured nearly 20 others in December 2001, according to a document obtained by the Washington Post and three other news outlets.

“We are in the process of reviewing the document that claims to have been prepared by a CIA counterintelligence officer, though his role is not known at this time,” a CIA spokesman said in a statement Saturday afternoon.

The document was first reported by Michael S. Sheehan, a retired CIA counterintelligence officer and a former Pentagon official. The documents did not identify the officer, but the Washington Post obtained them from Sheehan and two colleagues.

The allegations were quickly taken as coming from an official from the CIA’s Center for Counterterrorism and Intelligence.

The document described the agent, who was a Marine at the time, calling his subordinates, some of whom were assigned to CIA headquarters, to carry out the plan, which involved sending bombs packed with explosives to targets outside 카지노 사이트the main command and control center in Baghdad. When the bombs detonated, one o더킹카지노f the agents was reported dead, and the other injured and killed.

“It could have been worse. The officer in charge, who had nothing to do with the execution of the plan, might have been killed,” said John Meller, a national security consultant who ran the CIA during the George W. Bush administration. “That’s what worries me.”

But many U.S. officials dismissed the claims, saying that, despite the fact that several military and intelligence officials had been responsible for monitoring Iraqi plans for weeks before the planned attack, no such information had been leaked to the press. They also said that officials have not been able to confirm the reports, or even trace back the man who originally wrote the report to see if he is still alive.

“If there is a connection to 9/11… if this is one of those instances where you had a guy doing intelligence work that they knew that one or two days before 9/11 was going to happen, and they put out this, I think they would look pretty bad,” said Bob McInerney, a former CIA counterintelligence agent who led a review of the intelligence used to make the initial Sept. 1