1 in 5 bags of groceries wasted

September 10, 2020 by JonDod  
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1 in 5 bags of groceries wasted. You’re getting 1 bag for every 2 you spend, so you’ll be saving at least $25 a week and probably more!

Here are some options:

– If you’re buying a $200 worth of groceries per month, buy 25% of that.

– If you’re a middle schooler and you’re working about 80 hours per week to pay for your groceries, spend $300/month on groceries, and $1/day on gas or electricity.

– Make $5/week on tips to $25/hour (minimum)

– Spend $10/day on gas and electricity to cover your groceries. If you have to get to work at all, use a car.

– If you live in an a광주안마partment, make the majority of your money on tips/donations.

– If you live alone, get the $20 a week credit off o라이브카지노f your credit card to pay for grocery costs on your own.

– Get 15% of your minimum wage or better and $50/month for gas or electricity by adding it to your minimum wage payment.

– When you make $50/day in tips, do the above if you’ve made it that far, and then cut it further to $10/hour.

– If you live in an apartment, work at minimum wage.

-And that’s about it!

And now, on to getting started.

You can find all the basics of creating a budget here. Or, if you want to get into more detail, just follow along and start to track your spending and saving.

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