Abc aware of local broadcast problems

September 10, 2020 by JonDod  
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Abc aware of local broadcast problems

An 영주출장샵ABC Radio 4 story about Australia’s first pilot of “Invisible Kids” on Radio 4 News has caused controversy among ABC staff, with presenter Tony Jones saying “we’re not making any complaints.”

“We 일산출장안마are aware of the situation. Our response has been very simple: we are not making any complaints,” Jones said.

“We are working on it. We will see how it plays in the future and the timing in which we work with other broadcasters will always be considered.”

Mr Jones made the comments on Air Weekly on Friday morning, ahead of the show airing. The show itself is the fourth radio program that Mr Jones’s program has featured since he began to host it.

In an interview with Radio 4’s Today Programme on Saturday morning, Mr Jones also spoke about issues of broadcasting, noting that he would like to talk “about it more”.

He did not speak to a question from ABC 7.30 reporter Paul Kelly about an audience member who had come in to the studio and tried to find out how many kids would make it onto the programme for the first w007카지노로얄eek.

“She was there for about 10 minutes but we didn’t ask her, because we just didn’t know. We may be talking to hundreds of people when we start broadcasting this programme in the week to come. “I am not going to say I will keep it on the air because I am not happy with it but we will be working with the broadcast organisation and trying to look at the numbers.”

He was asked whether the show had lost its “chilling power” after years of complaints about kids being shown on children’s stations in the US.

“That is a matter for them, I don’t know why they do not want to talk about it but I cannot do anything about it on the radio,” he replied.

Mr Jones did not respond to questions about the radio host on Monday when Mr Kelly asked him about his plans for the programme when it goes online in time for Christmas.