Outback group seeks 70m roads fix to reduce carbon emissions

September 10, 2020 by JonDod  
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Outback group seeks 70m roads fix to reduce carbon emissions

A group of 70 people, including local and federal pol해운대출장샵iticians, environmental activists and academics are fighting to have the government create a minimum 20km/h average speed for car travel.

The group, which includes the government’s head of policy and policy analysis, Ian MacFarlane, says the road should be 10km/h or 코인 카지노faster for people travelling between cities to access high-traffic sites such as shopping malls or central business districts.

The group also wants강원출장안마 to create a speed limit of 30km/h for cars travelling between towns and villages.

MacFarlane says that the government hasn’t yet decided if these will be the “best and fairest” ways to get drivers to take the road more carefully. But he has said that a minimum speed of 10km/h will allow for more travel between locations and help reduce congestion.

The group’s chief executive, David Linton, says the road should be “100% faster, 60 per cent faster, 30% faster, 10 per cent faster than 30mph” – he says this will enable “people to travel more often and for longer distances and will lower road casualties and road deaths”.

MacFarlane said the group wants to see 20km/h being considered as the best achievable speed for road traffic.

The Department of Transport had said that it is not yet sure whether the proposal is viable.