Howard to blame for interest rate pressure wavering

August 14, 2020 by JonDod  
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Howard to blame for interest rate pressure wavering


In what could be his biggest political loss in a few days, Mr Turnbull has had to deal with the political fallout of his decision to give Labor senator Bob Day’s “good luck” speech in Sydney yesterday. Mr Turnbull made his decision after meeting the prime minister at 10am yesterday with the Labor frontbencher calling on him to withdraw the speech. Mr Day took the opportunity to attack Mr Turnbull, telling supporters he had “no respect for the prime minister” after he took his anger out on Mr Abbott. As the political battle raged around Malcolm Turnbull this morning on ABC Radio the PM called on the PM to step back and think about his speech in the Senate on Friday, saying he would have “to listen to the family doctor”. “Well, I think that it’s very important that we understand that there’s a great deal of emotion there that has gone into the whole election campaign and we’re very pleased with what the prime minister has done today,” Mr Turnbull said. He said Mr Abbott had “no respect” for the government and that any remarks from the PM about the Coalition’s policies or the coalition would have to be rescinded.

“As an individual, I’ve a different point of view. I don’t think that anybody in this world has respect for a government that has been able to go to such lengths to damage their party by saying these things,” Mr Turnbul카지노 사이트l told The AM program. “The real point is, in that speech, Bob Day was 바카라describing Labor’s policy, which is to reduce the size of the deficit.” But Mr Turnbull, while saying the speech was an important step forward, said: “There are two issues that have been brought into play here that have caused great damage to the country as a whole. First and foremost, on the environment, which I fully support and we’re pleased about it, we think that Labor has no plans to reduce the carbon emissions levels. Secondly, on our economy, there’s some real concern that Labor has shown over the past three weeks, particularly with regards to our tax and debt reduction policy.” The Liberal leader is now on an eight-day swing through western Australia to meet the family doctor after the election was called early yesterday morning.

The federal Opposition leader took Mr Turnbull’s comments out of context and said he had noth바카라ing to do with the Senate speech. “What I would like to say is that you have got to be careful about saying you didn’t take advice,” he said. Mr Turnbull was making the announcement in Sydne