Reserve bank deputy governor gives speech on new measures to fight tax avoidance

September 5, 2020 by JonDod  
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Reserve bank deputy governor gives speech on new measures to fight tax avoidance

The governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has also announced measures to curb tax evasion, and is trying to bring about greater transparency in the banking industry. On Monday, RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan announced a series of mea우리카지노sures to curb tax avoidance. Among them, he said that banks would pay the country-wide tax rate of 10%. Also on Monday, Raghuram Rajan said that the current tax regime had taken away confidence from banks for the long term growth of the financial industry and was taking away their confidence that was due to these measures. Raghuram Rajan also announced that RBI’s “expectations” to improve the tax administration would be fulfilled.

With this s바카라peech on Monday, Raghuram Rajan has brought around six major reforms that aim to ease the burden of tax on all citizens, while also helping bring India closer to the OECD average tax rate of 16%. These include:

Reforms for all banks

Ranch ban우리카지노ks to be created under the new banking regulatory framework.

RBI will reduce the interest rate (income-tax rate) by 4 basis points to 27% per annum from 29% this year and then by 6 basis points to 30% in 2016, according to reports. The reduction is subject to a review process.

Banks will be given three years to implement the reforms.

RBI will also begin implementation of a new levy scheme on financial transactions, aimed at curbing the flow of capital away from certain financial institutions and towards domestic banks. In addition, the central bank will take over the supervision of banks that are under this regime.

For India’s big banks that have operations in every state in every capital city, the banking sector regulator will be merged into the RBI’s banking regulatory department. The new department has been established under the RBI governor’s office.

Under the new regulator’s supervision, the RBI will also hold and monitor the banking activities of these major banks under one central control. Thereby, the state and regional banking ministries will be fully responsible for implementing reforms to improve the functioning of the banks.

Eliminate capital gains-based special treatment

Also on Monday, Raghuram Rajan made some significant changes to the income-tax system, which had brought it under constant threat of severe criticism and an imminent threat from Opposition parties. The chief of the RBI’s special department of statistics, Vinod Pandey, sai