Stuff I Like

As my wife would say, “Who cares what you like?”  I don’t know if anyone does or not.  I will put it up here nonetheless.  Then I can check to see if anyone clicks on anything, or if I wasted some time here.  As always, this will be a mix of things serious and not so cereal.

The Fellowship Journal

This is a daily reading plan that our church, Fellowship Bible Church (something else I like), recently put online.  This year we are reading through the New Testament.  There is a pastor’s blog every day and an opportunity to interact.  If you don’t have a daily Bible reading plan, this is a great one.

The Morning Rush

Listening to the Morning Rush on B98.5 in Little Rock is a morning tradition at our house.  What are Jeff and Lisa talking about this morning helps get the girls out of bed some mornings.  They are funny and family friendly and make random pop-culture references–my kind of show.

American Idol

This should not surprise anyone unless you have recently stumbled upon this blog and don’t know me at all in real life.  You can read many ramblings on the show here.  We love the bad singers, the good singers.  We vote.  We love it all, except for maybe Hollywood week.  It’s a little contrived and pointless, and by little I mean a lot.


One of the games we played a lot growing up (which could explain some things) was “What else has that actor been in?”  The worst/best ones were when no one knew and we would all be thinking as hard as we could wanting to answer first.  Now the game has drastically changed.  The answers are easy to get and you have to answer before somebody goes on IMDB to find the answer.  You can also learn amazing things like Jodie Foster was in an episode of ABC’s Afterschool Specials called Rookie of the Year.  We have all learned something today.

(Well I just wasted 15 minutes.  When I have more to waste I will add more)