Chief minister ventures in to clp hearltand say he should be given another job

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Chief minister ventures in to clp hearltand say he should be given another job. If you want to know how many people have come to know him, his own brother got into a little quarrel with the minister of the department of water resources of Kerala. He has a huge debt of Rs. 50 lakh that his brother owes in the form of taxes.”We would like people from other parts of the country to come to see us in order to explain to us why we do not give water to them because we do not have the technology or knowledge in that field. But the chief minister is really in charge of a job that does not belong to him and has not been done properly for the state,” he솔레어 카지노 said.On the Gujarat Chief Minister’s efforts to attract foreig부천출장마사지n water resource companies, he says, “We have been looking at these issues for some years, but no business in these parts of India has come forward in recent years. The industry does not have the technology. We will be looking at this i파라오 카지노ssue of companies in the State.”The government also looks into the issue of setting up an Indian Water Corporation (IWC) with a focus on supply and supply of water services and development of the private sector in this sector, he said.

Public servants demand pay boost, says shadow minister

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Public servants demand pay boost, says shadow minister

A shadow minister says government has been slow to pay and is looking for a bigger raise, as he takes aim at the Coalition’s economic policies.

Rory O’Brien say바카라사이트s that under the previous Labour government, pay and bonuses, where he worked, increased only by 7.8 per cent.

But under the Coalition, that has grown by 26 per cent, and the government is promising to take pay and bonuses by up to 15 per cent under a new Labor government.

“It’s an interesting line of attack – we’ll see how the figures get out of the house and we’ll be discussing it with members of parliament,” he told AM.

He said the problem was in not knowing how much of the cost of welfare was covered by staff, and the minister’s claims would not be substantiated by actual budgets.

“This is about being honest with people, which is where [Minister for Jobs and Infrastructure Joe] Hockey has been successful in the last two years,” he said.

A Government spokesman said the Coalition’s reform of entitlements plans would cut expenses and boost productivity in the long term.더킹카지노

“New budget measures will be presented on 20 November to achieve a $150 billion tax cut for business by 2023,” the spokesman said.

“This includes a new Labor Government policy of mjarvees.comaking New Zealand an investment hub with more than 90 investment-related companies investing $5 billion or more on New Zealand soil.”

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