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January 19, 2011 by cloften  
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We as a staff at the Grove Church are always reading a book together.  We rotate who picks the book, and discuss it every week.  We just finished “It” by Craig Groeschel (I would like the record to reflect that I spelled that right, first try, no help).  Miller picked that one.  It’s talks about the intangible qualities of healthy churches that don’t have anything to do with style or structure.

I enjoyed that book.  Would you like to know why?  It’s because I do pretty well at most of the things that Groeschel is encouraging us to do.  I’m not perfect and I’m not great at all of them, but for the most part, I get a pretty good grade for being a part of the kind of church that he is describing.

“Wow, thanks Cloften.  I really wanted to read a blog post where you talk about how good you are at something.”  Settle down, I’m still getting there.

Rachel picked the book that we are reading now.  “Forgotten God” by Francis Chan.  I know that this makes me super lame, but this is my first go at a Chan.  (Yes, that means I haven’t read Crazy Love.  Yes, I’ve heard that it is really good.  Yes, I will try and read it.  Man, you guys are really aggressive in my head.)

So, the book we’re reading now is about the Holy Spirit.  I have read the first chapter, which we are discussing in mere moments. The premise of the book is that Western Christians have forgotten about the Holy Spirit.  We may know a lot theologically about him, but we do not experience him.  I already don’t like this book.  Would you like to know why?  For the opposite reason that I liked Groeschel’s book.  20 pages in and I’m already super-convicted.

Do I rely on talent or the Holy Spirit?

Is God’s presence or power in my life evident?

Does the ministry I lead have momentum and enthusiasm or is God’s Spirit moving?

Am I in tune enough with the Holy Spirit to even answer that question?

Is “in tune” a hyphenated word or two words?

These are the questions that I’m asking myself already, and I’m one chapter in.  In all seriousness, I believe I’m going to enjoy this book and what God has to say to me through it.  Hopefully you will enjoy periodic ramblings about it.

P.S. Get the book.


3 Responses to “So, I Started This Book…”
  1. Scott Head says:

    We did Crazy Love in community group last year. I loved it. But Francis Chan can really hit points home. I’m looking forward to reading his other books, including this one next, but needed a good break to get my heart back in order.

    Miss you guys. Hoping to get that way next month. May drop by if we do!

  2. Craig Groeschel came to our church a few weeks ago and preached his sermon, “Idiots for Christ”. It’s a remarkable, and life-changing message. I haven’t had a chance to read his book yet, but it’s on my list. “Crazy Love” is still on my list too, see, we aren’t all really as pushy as we sound in your head. :-)

    Right now I’m reading, “Awakening”, by Stovall Weems. It’s also about living a life constantly filled with the Holy Spirit. You might want to check it out if you haven’t read it already.

    And I look forward to your periodic ramblings. I just found your blog today. Very funny stuff!!

  3. Megan says:

    Crazy Love is sitting on my nightstand, waiting to be read. Surely that counts for something.

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