Getting Ready for Easter Sunday (AKA My Obsession with Parking)

April 19, 2011 by cloften  
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There’s a leadership principle out there that says that once you think you have said something too much, people really begin to hear it.  It is with that made up principle that I give you another post about parking on Sunday.

In my defense, this is only the 7th time, I’ve mentioned parking (the same as I’ve mentioned Braveheart) in a blog post.  Wait a sec, I don’t think that is in fact in my defense.

Anywho, don’t forget that we have 3 services this Sunday–8:30, 10:00 and 11:30.

1) I encourage you to go to the early service.  There will most definitely be seats available in that service.  As far as the next 2 go, who knows?  My guess is that the 10 will be the most packed.  We’ll know Monday.

2) If you are staying for multiple services, park at Braums.  They allow us to park in the spots that face College and the ones that face the Grove. Please, park there.  Let’s fill those spots up first.  (Shout out, we had one of the biggest crowds 2nd service that we’ve ever had and many of the parking spots in front of the Grove were empty. Great job)

3) College students–go clown car.  I’m not suggesting that you have more people than seat belts, but how about the same amount of people and seat belts?

4) Bring a friend.  People want to come to church on Easter.  They are just waiting for you to ask.

5) Pray.  It is going to be a great morning of worship and celebration.  Pray that people who need to hear the good news of Easter will be there and that their hearts will be open.

BONUS (added after publication)  Be a host.  Look around for people that you don’t know and are visiting.  Introduce yourself, make sure they feel welcome.  How can I spot a visitor? You may ask.  They are the ones sitting in their seat before the service starts.

I am looking forward to this weekend and to see what God will do.  See you Sunday.


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  1. Josh says:

    6. Ride your bike.

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