I Think I Heard That Sermon Already (Colossians Review)

June 6, 2011 by cloften  
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People asked me last week, “What are you preaching on this Sunday?”  (Is “preaching on” the right expression?  It seems to be the one that we use regardless.  Obviously, the correct answer to that is “the stage.”  But to say that would put me on the same level as the guys I grew up with that would say “the sky” as the response to the greeting, “What’s up?”  We don’t need any of that.)

Anywho, my answer was “the same thing I preached on two weeks ago.”  Bad answer, but it’s true.  “Do you think people will notice?” “Nah, it’s summer so probably half the people there this week weren’t there before.  The other half won’t remember.”  Just in case you think I’m insulting you, the only reason I remember is I have access to my notes.  Just kidding…maybe.

Paul essentially says the same thing in Col 2:6-15 that he said in chapter 1.

Christ is fully God and the Lord of everything

We are complete in Christ, completely forgiven and fully his.

We live for God in the same way received him as a gift.

Our lives should be grateful responses to what Jesus did.

He said that in chapter 1 and says it all over again.  Didn’t he know that pastors almost 2000 years later would be looking for different sermons to preach as we go verse by verse through his letter?  Rude.

He says it in chapter 1 in the form of a prayer and an intro and repeats it as instruction and encouragement immediately after he starts the body of the letter.  Conclusion: that stuff is very important.  We have yet to be given any kind of do or don’t do command.  Paul is just encouraging the Colossians to have a different outlook on their approach to God.  Don’t view your relationship with God as a religious activity and an obligation, but as a grateful response to a gracious God.  Focus on Christ not,well, anything else.

That’s a good message for them and a good message for us.  God is not interested in simply more of our religious activity.  He certainly doesn’t want us to think that we are earning his love or “paying him back.”  He wants our hearts, our devotion and our gratitude.

“So what are you preaching on this Sunday?”  Guess.


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