Are You Too Cool/Busy/Annoyed to Text Your Daughter?

January 22, 2010 by cloften  
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It is not unusual for members of my family, even extended family to get asked the question, “Is he that funny in real life?”  I suppose what is meant by that question is that over the top personality that comes across sometimes, is that for real?  One thing I would say is that I am typically more reserved and introverted than what people perceive and I am a lot more intense than what people perceive.  However, the insanity of ridiculousness is for real.  That is how the Loftens roll.  It is not just me.  We have often contended that if you put cameras in our home, you could get a pretty funny reality show every week.  Heidi would never agree to it, though.

Here is an example.  This is just a sampling of the texting that my 12 year old daughter, Maylee, and I did this morning (edited for lazy text message spelling):

Maylee: No…..No…….Not the lemons!!!!!!!!!! Why lemons!?!?!?!?!?!?

Dad: Don’t drop the umbrella or I swear the cheetahs will never, ever eat again no matter what number you roll.

M: I can never come back from that!!!!! :-) LOL!!!!!

M: What is that kangaroo doing with that……Aaaaaaaahhhhh!!!! That pickle is going to jump on u unless…..CARROTS!!!!!

M: Gorillas are not safe unless a tiger is wearing a tutu in Austria with peacock singing hymns to an old man playing banjo!!!!

D: So I picked up this ice cube the other day and thought if I see one more watermelon barking like a seal, I will never check the mailbox again.

M: I love you so much!!!! My favorite song is on.  That is sign it’s going 2 b a good day!!!!! ;-)

D: Nice.  I love you 2.

As with most posts, this is the part where you think, “What is the point, Cloften?”  Well, first of all, I think that’s funny.  Second, it got me thinking this morning that as long as she will text me silly stuff, questions, love notes, I will text her back.  I am not too busy, annoyed, cool, whatever.  I have no idea how long she will do this.  My guess is this window will close some day.  I hope not, but teenagerdom is headed our way.  As long as I can, I will text her, call her, do whatever I can for her to know that I love her.

Dads (and Moms), don’t be be too busy.  Don’t be too annoyed.  Take the time.  It’s worth it. (If you need help on ridiculous, random things to text, I’m here for you)


3 Responses to “Are You Too Cool/Busy/Annoyed to Text Your Daughter?”
  1. Shane says:

    grape juice!!!

  2. Cyndi Williams says:

    Okay CLoften…help! Nate has asked for texting for a very long time. I was worried about the phone and for the first few months he justifed every one of my concerns. As a parent, what do you do to keep them from looking at their phone at every family functions, or make sure some creep boy is not sending her rude or obnoxious stuff, or all the other things us middle school parents are terrified of? What level of big brother activity is necessary for a parent to take on to be comfortable. I finally understand what my mom meant when she said “I’m not worried about you…I’m worried about the rest of the world!” Maylee is younger than Nate and it makes me feel kinda bad you gave in and I haven’t, so what’s your take?

  3. Paula says:

    NOPE, it doesn’t just go away in teenagerdom or after; Boys 1 and 2 and I post some pretty silly stuff back and forth …the sillier the more I think they enjoy it!

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