Mass wedding for moonies

September 5, 2020 by JonDod  
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Mass wedding for moonies!

If that’s what you wanted, here it is:

Thank you, my friends.

I won’t be giving any personal shoutouts ju바카라사이트st yet, but I encourage you to follow me if you have any questions that you don’t have an answer for yet.

I’m the man behind the camera for all of MtG:TW, and I’ll be joining you once again on Thursday, October 1st at 6pm EST.

I’ll be following up with a few special interviews, and even some video interviews in the near future, but don’t be disap우리카지노pointed, as I’m taking th바카라사이트is opportunity to answer anything of interest that comes my way during these updates.

And if that’s what you want, you can see the links above for this week’s Patreon-exclusive episode, with a live Q&A session with you all.

Thanks everyone for sticking with me over the past month, and thanks for your ongoing support.

Cowboys injury woes worsen

June 20, 2020 by JonDod  
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Cowboys injury woes worsen; Cowboys could miss the playoffs

Tony Romo gets the start for the Cowboys in Week 17 against the Green Bay Packers. Tony Romo gets the start for the Cowboys in Week 17 against the Green Bay Packers. Photo: Michael Conroy, Associated Press Photo: Michael Conroy, Associated Press Image 1 of / 1 Caption Close Cowboys injury woes worsen; Cowboys could miss the playoffs 1 / 1 Back to Gallery

Romo was not in this locker room before the game and did not see the cameras before the game. He has the makings of a star, but in this age of cameras and social media, this will be Romo’s last in-game appearance.

That’s Romo’s only chance for redemption. And if the Cowboys suffer the same fate as their first three games against the Chicago Bears, it is their chance to learn lessons or simply find solace. The Cowboys have been the beneficiary of their own success.

To be fair, the offense had its struggles last season, and there is much to thank coach Jason Garrett, defensive coordinator Rob Ryan and other members of the defensive staff for that.

In general, the team is a much more disciplined and organized group. The front seven — which has gone through a significant overhaul — was not nearly as well run during the season and the defense, by its바카라 very nature, can play with style or without it. This is why the defense finished 12th in the league, only slightly behind a league-leading Atlanta Falcons squad.

That may have been a result of getting help from a group that will have to contend with NFC East rivals San Francisco and Washington.

However, to get this unit together, the most important thing was to work on its talent. A couple of the new members — cornerback Janoris Jenkins and linebacker Rolando McClain — have made big plays this spring, but the rest of the defense was not playing great.

That’s the last thing the defense needs, particularly if the league’s best offense is going to run with the Packers, who ar바카라사이트e in search of their first winning season since 2011.

Now, the Cowboys have the same chances as the rest of the league, if not better, to win this year and possibly next, they can do so by working together as a unit.

Even though the team’s offense played well in the spring, it was a complete different beast, a far cry from a unit that finished in the top third of the league with 2,136 yards and 23.3 point