Mass wedding for moonies

September 5, 2020 by JonDod  
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Mass wedding for moonies!

If that’s what you wanted, here it is:

Thank you, my friends.

I won’t be giving any personal shoutouts ju바카라사이트st yet, but I encourage you to follow me if you have any questions that you don’t have an answer for yet.

I’m the man behind the camera for all of MtG:TW, and I’ll be joining you once again on Thursday, October 1st at 6pm EST.

I’ll be following up with a few special interviews, and even some video interviews in the near future, but don’t be disap우리카지노pointed, as I’m taking th바카라사이트is opportunity to answer anything of interest that comes my way during these updates.

And if that’s what you want, you can see the links above for this week’s Patreon-exclusive episode, with a live Q&A session with you all.

Thanks everyone for sticking with me over the past month, and thanks for your ongoing support.

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