2 thoughts on the LSU/Arkansas debacle

November 29, 2009 by cloften  
Filed under General Insanity, Silliness and Rants

This is two thoughts out of 100.

The first is one that I have shared before.  I wish I didn’t care so much.  I wish that I could have just gone to bed.  I wish that there hadn’t been a giant knot in my stomach.  I know in my head that it doesn’t really effect my life in any tangible way, but that doesn’t seem to translate into normal behavior.  It’s not that I enjoy being crazy.  It is what I am.  What’s worse is that I have turned my wife into the same kind of crazy.  She was just as mad (almost) as I was.

Second, I think that it is too easy to blame the kicker, Tejada.  This is what we do as sports fans.  We blame the person who messed up last.  “Tejada lost the game for us.”  Really? His 3 made field goals and 3 extra points are one of the reasons that we made it to overtime.  How many more missed opportunities were there?  How many passes could have been completed that would have given us more points?  Any of LSU’s drives could have been stopped, most notably the last one before regulation.  What we remember is who did something wrong last.  Had we won it would have been as a team.  We lost as a team.  (Did you notice that I said “we”?  What did I do?  I think this is just further evidence of point #1. I am too emotionally invested in this.  Don’t plan on this changing any time soon.)