Previewing the Previews

July 21, 2011 by cloften  
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It’s been a while since I had a post with no redeeming value (Says you).  This week marked the official release of a couple of important movie trailers.  “Important? Shouldn’t we reserve the word important for those fancy movies that nobody watches?”  How about we use the word important to describe movies that are highly anticipated?  If you are gripped by movies with a social conscience, you probably aren’t reading this.

First, The Dark Knight Rises, the 3rd in the unbelievably awesome Batman series directed by the Inception guy.

Initial thoughts: that was cool.  It got my blood going.  Great teaser trailer.  Leaves you with some questions:

Did Batman immediately hang it up post-TwoFace or did something else happen?

Why is Commissioner Gordon in the hospital? Did Bane or Catwoman put him in there?

Where was Catwoman/Princess Diaries Girl?

Will there be a midnight showing?

Next, The Amazing Spider-Man which is a reboot of the Spider-Man series.  Good idea because once your superhero movie enters the “How many villains can we squeeze in here?” phase, it’s over.  Bad idea because it’s too soon and who is this director anyway?  We couldn’t have waited for the afore mentioned Inception guy?

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.  With all apologies to my brother, a huge Spider-Man fan.  That didn’t interest me even a little.  The effects of the “Spidey cam” were pretty cool, but I have no interest in that.  Allow me to clarify, it didn’t add any interest for me.  I will still see it.  I would definitely move it off the highly-anticipated list.

Fellow geeks, what are your thoughts?