Stuff I Learned After 3 Weeks of Nothing

I have some serious blog posts in my head, and they will come later this week.  However, to attempt that would be like not exercising for a month and then running a marathon.  (See, that analogy is terrible.  I cannot be held responsible for the quality of this blog post).  So, in order to stretch the writing, thinking, doing stuff muscles, I will start with something that I’m labelling as rambling, and thus it would be impossible to be disappointed.

In no particular order:

1. Back episodes of LOST are perhaps even better watching them again after you know the ending.  Netflix recently began streaming movies through the Wii, which is great for me now, and will be problematic starting August 1st.  The movie selections for what you can stream aren’t great, but they have a ton of TV shows, and I have been cranking out LOST episodes like a loser sitting in his recliner with nothing to do (Wait, nevermind).  I have to take back what I have said for a couple of years, which is that the creators didn’t know how it was going to end when they started.  They clearly did.  It is hard to find any inconsistencies, plenty of mysteries to be sure, but not inconsistencies.  They clearly had to make some adjustments.  It’s hard to involve a boy that gets older every year, while the timeline of the show is not moving that quickly, for example.  I will post some lingering questions when I’m finished.  (I’m too embarassed right now to share with you how close I am after just under three weeks)  Too start, here is the biggest:

Seriously, what was the deal with Nikki and Paulo and why should I care?

2.  My girls are seriously interested in anything that I am. The current example is their interest in LOST.  Most kids don’t care what “we” are doing as long as “we” are doing it.  (You knew at points in the ramblings, this would get preachy)  Just do something with your kids, together, they will love it.

3.  I associate blogging and social networking with work.  Both of those things are a lot of fun to me but when I shut the brain off from work, I essentially shut those off as well.  I have still gotten on FB and Twitter some, typically one post a day, Conan O’Brien style.  I have not blogged in a long time.  I love it, but it felt/feels like work.  In fact, I am 3 movie reviews behind. 

4.  I feel pressure that my kids make a good impression in their favorite sport when we move.  Maylee loves basketball and wants to play for her school some day, same for Lauren and soccer.  It’s hard though when no one knows you to “get in” to a sport in a new town.  So we have been doing drills in the morning and then running sprints.  (Yes, I run the sprints with them.  Leave me alone.  I have not completely atrophied)  Maylee has started shooting a basketball the right way and Lauren complained about her quad hurting from all the “hop and loads” she has been doing, so success.  If you would like an opportunity to beat our records at the dribbling, bball or soccer, obstacle course, let us know.

5.  The pressure that comes from not selling your house is a lot easier when you are not at that house.  We have gone to Mt. Home, Branson, Fayetteville, and Lake of the Ozarks in the last few weeks.  (I never tweet about trips as they are happening any more.  You know that urban legend about someone robbing you because they read you were out of town on Facebook?  Yeah, it happened to someone I know that lives less than a mile from me.  They stole his kidney too.  Ok, I made up the last part) So, we are out of town and loving life, and not too worried about the house, but we start making the drive and we see the house and something clicks.  It’s like Debbie Downer lives there.  Further thoughts on the house still being unsold later this week.

6.  I really am looking forward to being in Fayetteville at the Grove.  I will probably list this out this week too, but I am excited about the people, the area and the vision that God is calling us to.  See you guys again soon!

It’s good to back with you all, more to come this week including movie reviews including: why I still don’t like Tom Cruise or Cameron Diaz and perhaps the best Pixar movie ever.