Silliness and Parenting

November 18, 2010 by cloften  
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So Cloften, where have you been?  You know, I’m not really sure.  I think it has been a combination of a lot of things.  Things have been pretty busy in the new town, new job, etc.   I’ve been a little distracted.  Moving so fast in my paying job, that I have been doing a lot of nothing, and avoiding this–my non-paying job.  I also think in part, in the old days (you know, earlier this year), this was a great outlet for teaching/communicating when I wasn’t teaching a lot on Sunday morning.  Teaching 3 out of 4 weeks has changed that.

Then when you go a couple of weeks without blogging, you feel like the one that brings you back should be huge or, using the word of the season, epic.  That’s a lot of pressure, even if it is only internal.  So after being a headcase for a few days, I have decided to go the opposite.  This is not epic.

First, a little background.  (BTW, you know what I like about blogging compared to writing papers for English teachers? I can have a “sentence” like “First, a little background” with no subject or verb and it’s OK.  No one is grading this)  Over the last couple of months there have been a couple of strange developments in the old family.  There is a storyline developing around our house involving 2 fictitious people and some semi-celebrities.  It is way too silly to even get into.  There is a love triangle, a dude with a snaggle-tooth, everything you would need to make a great novel.  Now there is a song.  The song tells the story.  This song is called “advice,” though there is nothing remotely close to advice in it. This advice must be sung every morning, or like a couple of days ago when the song was not sung, I accidentally drove my car in a lake (not really.  settle down, Mom).

In addition to this, we all have characters that we play now.  We are not only the Loften family, we are part of another family as well–the Poc family.  Many of the stuffed animals are in this “family” as well and they have roles to play.  Some are too sophisticated; we don’t like them.

At this point, you are likely having one of several reactions.  “That sounds like a lot of fun.” “Do I know any professional family counselors in NWA?” “I wonder what other churches there are in NWA?”

Irregardless (take that English teacher), we have fun in our house.  Unlike that uppity Penguin, Dolphin or that chowder pants Tuxedo Dog, none of us are too sophisticated to just be silly and have fun with each other.  Much of life is serious.  Adjusting to a new town, school, job, church are all very serious.  They are time-consuming and emotionally draining.  Great reasons to feel like you just don’t have the energy to deal with Cheetah-Poc trying to intimidate everyone.

However, it is exactly these times where you need to find extra energy.  When you are tired and drained is the perfect time.  When they are still young enough to want you to do this is the perfect time.

We have a reputation with some to run a pretty tight ship when it comes to discipline.  I can’t deny that, but we also be trying to do our goodest to make it a fun ship as well.  (Hee hee, English teachers)


4 Responses to “Silliness and Parenting”
  1. Russ says:

    I think Heidi was right about this post. Also, you might want to talk to someone about getting the medications titrated a little better. :-)

  2. Sarah says:

    I agree with Heidi. Should we bring some stuffed animals to church to up our attendance? Maybe we could get more elders that way, too.

  3. Peter Freund says:

    Oh yes, I completely understand. Just spent half a car ride home from Springdale today making the same sound effect over and over with 2 laughing kids in the backseat. I like to live by “take your job seriously but not yourself.”

  4. Kim Blanchette says:

    We have a similar scenario at our house, but it was the brain-child of my 4-year-old son. We can be having a normal conversation at the dinner table about any of a variety of issues, when one of the other three will ask Guy a question. It will go something like, “Guy, what do you know about (fill in the blank)?” He will launch into an answer, without missing a beat that starts out, “Well, on my other planet….” By the time he’s finished, he will have delivered a well-reasoned response that it perfectly plausible so long as you buy into the notion that he simultaneously inhabits another planet.

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