Building the Wall

January 31, 2011 by cloften  
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That was a great word from Nehemiah yesterday (That’s a throwback expression for good sermon). Thanks Pastor Gonzo, or should it be Brother Gonzo, or just Gonzo.  I don’t know, but let’s agree that it’s not Aaron.

Upon first glance, Nehemiah 3 can be kind of a boring read, like it is one of the genealogy lists.  So and so built this piece of the wall and what’s his face built this piece and Jimmy WhoCares built this…and on it goes.  But behind all of that is a great story of how a large group of people work together.  Each person does a small part and when they all work together something really big happens.  We will soon see some obstacles and discouragement that they face, but for now it is an incredible team working together.

To me that is a picture of both the way a church works and the way the Church works, if you catch my meaning.  (If you don’t, you are in the majority.  No one ever knows what I’m talking about.)

A church works this way on Sunday morning.  From the greeting team, to the coffee folk, to the tech crew, children’s ministry, the band, the pastors, everyone is playing a small role and when it is all put together, God uses it to create incredible experiences for people to worship and find God.  Without any one of the people, it would be less friendly, less clear, less powerful.

In the same way, each church plays a role in reaching different people in different ways with different types of ministries.  When we all work together, God does incredible things in our community, region and world.

The interesting thing about building a wall is that is really only strong when each section of the wall is strong.  If one section is weak then it doesn’t matter what the rest of the wall looks like.  A wall is only as strong as each section.

The last thing I want you to feel is some negative feeling like, “Don’t be the weak link, you slacker.” (Unless that motivates you, then OK I guess)  What I would rather you feel/know is that we need you.  Our wall (church, ministry, world) will be stronger when you use the gifts and passions that God has given you and use them.

What is it that God is calling you to do? How can you serve? How can you be used? What is your piece of the wall? If you don’t know, just jump out there and start building (serving).  We need you and we’ll be all the better for having you.  God wants to use you to change the world and draw people to him.

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