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You can send it to Sony for repair, it likely be a few hundred dollars. Since the AX53 is a camcorder with a non removable lens, it may be worth it to just scrap it. I found that Sony charges more than what Precision charges. In December 1802, a small sailing ship called the Causino set sail from Callao, Peru northward along the South American coastline toward Guayaquil in present day Ecuador, a trip of about 700 miles, or 1,127 kilometers. One of the ship’s passengers was a 33 year old Prussian aristocrat, Alexander von Humboldt. A mining engineer by training, Humboldt had an insatiable curiosity about nature that led him to roam the planet, studying plants and animals as well as phenomena ranging from magnetic rocks to river systems and ocean currents..

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According to records of the state and the Army Corps of Engineers, more than 15 million cubic yards of sand have been dumped or pumped on the city’s five miles of beaches since the 1950s. That represents close to one third of all the sand ever placed on the state’s beaches. Virtually every block of beach fronts a bulkhead, and 50 groins giant sand clamps of stone and timber stripe the beach, one every few blocks..

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