No Stress at Christmas

I want to give you permission to not be stressed the rest of this week.  I wish I had told you this earlier this month.  For many of you it is already too late.  If you’ve been stressed, take a break.  Also, if you are stressed, I want to give you permission to not feel guilty about it.  Too often one of our Christmas traditions is to be super-stressed at Christmas and then feel guilty about it, because we are forgetting the real meaning of Christmas.  We then go to church and a well-meaning (?) pastor heaps more guilt on us for being too materialistic, stressed and not focusing on God enough.

I would like for you to give yourself a break from that.  The fact that we are too stressed, materialistic and we don’t focus on God enough will still be true in January and February.  You can work on those issues then.  For now, just take a deep breath, finish your checklist and enjoy your family, enjoy giving gifts to each other, go to a Christmas Eve service at your church, or another if you don’t have a church home or your church doesn’t have a Christmas Eve service.  Remember this, God loves you, Jesus came to give you life, and he really doesn’t want you to be overly stressed at his birthday party.


One Response to “No Stress at Christmas”
  1. Carolyn Loften says:

    Thank you, I feel my “goodnessing” ebbing away. Can’t wait to have my brood under my roof.

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