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December 23, 2009 by cloften  
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My wife and daughters are trying to stretch my fashion sense.  They bought me a vest today.  I am naturally skeptical, but I resist change.  So we need honest feedback here.  You can also mock me if you want, but we would like honest assessments as well.

Am I cool enough to pull off this vest?

Am I cool enough to pull off this vest?


5 Responses to “Fashion Poll”
  1. Paula says:

    oh, you are cool are Cloften!!! Scott says “saweeeet!”

  2. Jon Dodson says:

    Be the Cloften! Nah… nah…. nah…. nah……. nah………!

  3. Beverly Stringfellow says:

    I think it makes your preacher pointin’ finger look longer! I’m not a good person to poll about what looks cool or how cool one is…

  4. brad says:

    listen to your wife…unless she tells you to put on a scarf, then don’t listen to her at all.

  5. I vote yes for the vest!

    Heath even wears sweater vests, although I don’t think he is trying to be cool as much as that he likes not having to iron the entire shirt. ;) lol

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