Community and Christmas

Guest blogger JohnO

My Christmas tree growing up was made up of what is affectionately known as “homemade” ornaments.  NO, not just any old ornament would do, these had to be original.  They were lovingly assembled by children who thought that what they had crafted was nothing less than a masterpiece.  I grew up loving our tree and the different symbols displayed for all to see.  I often wonder what others who visited our home thought about when they saw the ornaments hanging on our tree.  You see, the thing is, my tree growing up represents true community.     We had collected an assortment of different pieces; large and small, red and blue, green and purple–different.     Each ornament had it’s own identity.  Each represented a thought, a creative idea, a picture of Christmas.

I can’t help but compare my tree to how I see living in community.  We all bring different thoughts, feelings, and ideas to our local church.  We have colorful pasts and each of us brings a unique story to this journey called the Christian life.    Individually,  the ornaments may not have been much to look at, but together they do what could never do alone…..tell a story about an amazing Savior.


2 Responses to “Community and Christmas”
  1. a friend on johno's says:

    johno do not turn to the dark side . you are a people person not a blogger !!

  2. You listen to him John. There’s no way you can be a good pastor and writer. It just can’t be done. Certainly don’t try anything new. That will never work.

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