Words we love to misfrounounce

December 28, 2009 by cloften  
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6 Responses to “Words we love to misfrounounce”
  1. Justin Adams says:

    Friends quote: Did they go to the store? Supposably!

    I use this all the time not caring if it’s a really word or not. My friends give me a hard time about using a word that is not a real word. I am now going to let them know that it is a real word, it’s just bad grammar!

    Thanks buddy!

  2. Jason Hardy says:

    #5 was my fav-o-rite!
    I’ll try to send your birfday card to the correct add dress!

  3. Stephanie Osborne says:

    I chuckled several times through this episode. #8 has Paul written all over it! But apologies should also be made to “pacific” when “specific” is intended. However, since it is a misUsed word instead of a misPronounced word, it may be for another time… Along with my personal pet peeve of “there their & they’re”. Oh, and the lack of punctuation in written communication!!

    Thanks for another laugh!
    ~Stephanie Osborne

  4. Scott says:

    “warsh” instead of “wash”
    “like” instead of “said”

  5. Bart says:

    I get a lot of: “of a mornin I get a lot crusties in my eye”. Of a mornin?

  6. Mark Criswell says:

    What about cut-on,Like will you cut on my lights.Don’t understand I’ve heard of cut off my lights but not cut on my lights.Or Western Sizzler instead of Western Sizzlen.Just a few I would let you know about that I’ve heard.

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