Albany hospital gets extra 68m euro payment

September 5, 2020 by JonDod  
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Albany hospital gets extra 68m euro payment

Sweeney’s administration has received a 68.6 million euro (€63.7 million) emergency bailout from Italy, and its state-owned hospital is to receive an extra 69 million euro from the government.

Greece will have a second bailout at some stage this year, but that figure for the two countries is expected to be close to €70bn, according to Reuters.

A Greek official in Athens confirmed a previous deal that would give Athens another 7 billion euros ($9.3 billion), of which roughly half is earmarked for the hospital.

Earlier on Thursday, President Poroshenko ordered all emergency and emergency medical units across Greece to go on strike, and called for Greece to stay closed to the public for five days.

A Greek governme더킹카지노nt spokesman rejected the suggestion that the government had turned to the IMF to help Greece repay the huge debt.더킹카지노

“We had promised them a 10-day extension. We didn’t receive this extension. We are asking them to explain why they didn’t accept our proposal,” Alexander Zeman told EUobserver.

A spokesperson for the IMF in Athens said the country’s demands in its July 2013 agreement with the European Union had remained unchanged, and 카지노 사이트that there would be no second bailout at that time for Greece.

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