Jurien bay fish deaths under investigation

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Jurien bay fish deaths under investigation

By Thomas Martin

20 April 2013

In early February, the French newspaper Le Monde reported that nearly 1,000 of the 300 live sea otters that live on the bay off우리카지노쿠폰 Paris that forms part of the French National Park Service were now dying in a massive outbreak. This follows reports of otters being taken into quarantine from the area. Since then, the deaths are under investigation by the National Wildlife Health Center (CNAPC) and the animal-protection center, respectively. The report also noted that the authorities did not provide timely information that the situation was serious.

The CNAPC is investigating the cause of the epidemic. But the organization said there were no signs of the epidemic being an accident. The center’s head Pierre Fillion said it was impossible to attribute the otter die-offs in certain areas of the bay to accidental contact between animals and other wildlife.

In January, a French researcher, Jean-Christophe Jaures, had published a study stating that the sea otters that live in the National Park have suffered massive declines in numbers, although more research was needed before conclusions were reached. It has since become known that the otters have been severely impacted in part by habitat loss. The p수원안마 수원출장샵ark, the French government and national parks are also investigating the cause of their population decline. According to Fillion, it is possible that this is being caused by the ongoing expansion of oil and gas drilling activities. As well, the pa모바일 카지노rk service and other governments have failed to address what they fear is the rapid expansion of feral animals that inhabit the bay.

For years, environmentalists have argued that this type of ecological meltdown can be prevented by taking a number of measures, including:

• The creation of a protected area where otters can breed and start breeding again.

• Eliminating oil and gas operations altogether from the bay.

• Using the park system for fish hatchery facilities and the parks to encourage otters to breed again.

• Developing alternative habitats for the otters.

• Establishing protected areas for both bears and eagles, as well as creating a reserve for birds.

• Establishing a protected area for wildlife.

Both Fillion and Jaures argued that a lot is needed to avoid further ecological disaster:

“The first step in these measures would be to ensure that the park system is fully equipped for sustainable fisheries.” – Jean-Christophe Jaures, scientific advisor to the National Wildlif

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