More About LOST or “Artists and Literature Guys Skewer a Math Major”

This is a continuation of yesterday’s LOST discussion, see here. I like starting new posts rather than making one post with a lot of comments.  (But that’s just me)

So I am minding my own business on yesterday’s LOST post and then someone quotes Faulkner to me.  I am now hearing from artists and literature guys.  Where are the other math majors?  They probably gave up on LOST years ago.

Here is what I want from a show like LOST or movies that delve into the supernatural–a cohesive worldview.  All of my nitpicky questions are part of an overall picture of what is the worldview. 

What are they wanting to say when it seems Michael is in worse shape with “God” for killing two innocent people out of desperation to save his son than Ben who slaughtered the entire Dharma Project and many more people?  As far as Mr. Eko and Walt go.  There are ways to make that work.  Film Eko on a green screen wherever he is.  Use clips from Walt from the early seasons.  Make him an adult.  Try harder.  That’s all I’m saying. 

We’ve also yet to dive into what Jack’s dad says.  You guys “created this place” to find each other.  Created this place?  What do you guys think that means?

BTW, I scrutinize time travel movies way more than this.  We can hammer that out another day.


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  1. Elise says:

    On Ben vs. Michael: isn’t that the way that our God works too? God chooses whom He chooses. He can redeem the most heinous sinner while a moral atheist goes to hell.

    Why did God choose Jacob the deceiver? Why did God chose Saul, the Christian-killer? Why does God redeem people who are on death row for committing unspeakable crimes? Things don’t always make sense to us even in our own, fairly logical, worldview.

    One thing I found particularly fascinating about LOST is that it was difficult to pinpoint who were the good guys and the bad guys. We saw “bad” people doing “good” things and vice versa. That rings pretty true with my life experience. It’s difficult to read other people. It’s nearly impossible to know what their motives are whether for good or for evil. I would wager that we’ve all been hurt by people we thought were on our side. We’ve all been betrayed. LOST showed the depravity of man, showed that no one can be trusted and that no one’s motives are pure (even Jacob’s). But because of their experience on the island, some found redemption. There is hope for change, even for the most broken people. (Remember why Jacob chose the candidates–they were complete screw-ups and had no hope.)

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