Sunday’s Coming Movie Trailer or “I don’t if I’m supposed to laugh or be convicted”

I don’t mean to be 2000 and late on this as I’m sure that many of you have seen this.  When I showed it to the worship team at Fellowship Cabot, they loved it and said that we have been busted.  I’m scared to show this to the good people at the Grove, because I would like to convince them that what we are going to do when I get there is both fresh and original.  Nope, we are already the subject of a spoof video.

I take comfort in the fact that North Point was making fun of themselves as well.  What do you think when you see it?  Is it funny, sad, ironic?  Let me know.  I’ve seen it 10 times and I’m still not sure.



8 Responses to “Sunday’s Coming Movie Trailer or “I don’t if I’m supposed to laugh or be convicted””
  1. Aaron Reddin says:

    that’s scary crazy!!

  2. cloften says:

    I’m afraid that it was a coincidence. That is scary crazy.

  3. Scott Fitzgerald says:

    What’s funny is that this very video will likely be used as a transition when the worship leader exits the stage. I like irony.

  4. Brett Harkey says:

    We passed that one around a week ago or so. Funny AND painful at the same time.

  5. Amy Loften says:

    This is hysterical!!!

  6. Brian says:

    After being to Northpoint and Buckhead several times, have good friends who go there, as well as friends on the worship team there, I can vouch for their self-deprecating nature.

    I don’t find it really sad, unless somehow it’s sinful to have this kind of format. We are always trying to “Do Church new’ but we never ask WHY we need to do something new… solid doctrine has been thrown in the trash for the sake of “Doing church a different way.” *Enter Rob Bell*

    I knew the whole thing was a joke as soon as they used Papyrus.

    Irregardless**, I find it funny.


  7. cloften says:

    Thanks Brian. Good word. BTW, you don’t ever have to put an asterisk by irregardless. We love that “word” here.

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