I’m Begging You, Say Something Meaningful (A Brief Political Rant)

I know that I have said many times that I don’t like to get into a lot of politics.  It’s not that I shy away from controversial things, it’s just that what the Bible says is controversial enough.  I certainly don’t want anyone to think that my public endorsement of a candidate or party represents the church, or certainly not God.  I know that seems spineless to you activists out there.  If you say something ugly on the comments, I might turn the why of those comments into a full blown blog post.

On the other hand, I am a political junkie.  I have a handful of web sites that I check regularly that are all over the spectrum.  I cross pollinate that with some talk radio and poltical TV that crosses the spectrum as well.  If you looked at what I watch, read, listen to, etc. you still couldn’t guess my affiliation, if there is one.  However, I know that you can guess my poltical affiliation.  I agree with you, because don’t all reasonable, good-hearted, intellectual people agree with you? (Wow, I have already ranted 150+ words and haven’t even gotten to the topic)

I am fed up with the poltical rhetoric.  I hope that we get a small reprieve between now and the campaign this Fall.  People running for office will say some of the stupidest, vaccuous things.  Then we cheer like crazy people as if they have said something valuable.  An example:

Washington is broken.  It is time to tell Washington that the government serves the people.  Lobbyists, Washington insiders and the special interests have taken over.  Now is the time for the people to tell all of them that this is our country.  We have to put petty partisan politics aside.  I will reach across the aisle and set aside partisan bickering to do what is best for the American people.  Let’s send a message to Washington and the special interests that “we the people” are taking our government back.

You know who says that?  Everybody.  That was actually a pretty good political commercial that I wrote there in about 45 seconds (the time it took to type it).  Arent you inspired?  Aren’t you ready to vote for me? 

Does it really matter what my party affiliation is?  Does it matter how I will vote?  No, it doesn’t, because we are taking back Washington from the special inter…blah blah blah, shut up.  I would love to just rant about how politicians should stop talking in empty sound bites, but do you know why they talk that way?  Because people want to hear that.  We let them get away with it. 

Here’s something crazy.  Let’s evaluate candidates based on what they believe and how they will vote, rather than whether or not they say they are going to “stand up to the special interests.”  (Psst.  Let me tell you a secret.  Everything is a special interest.  Every cluster of people or individual has interests that are unique, read special, to them.  When a politician says he is going to stand up to special interests, they mean the people that have interests with which they disagree.  Meanwhile, truckloads of money of the groups that are eSPECIALly INTERESTed in their views will find their way to the campaign.) 

There are certain values that you have.  There are certain issues that are important to you.  Find out which candidate is most closely aligned to those values and vote appropriately.

If not, Big Business, Big Tobacco, Big Pharmaceuticals, Big Momma’s House, Big Lots, Wall Street, Sesame Street, Special Interests, .38 Special will win.  Then who will fix Washington?

(Thanks, I feel better now)


7 Responses to “I’m Begging You, Say Something Meaningful (A Brief Political Rant)”
  1. Alana Boles says:

    Loften for Congress!

  2. Melynn Glusman says:


  3. elizabeth skinner says:

    I was going to vote for you but then I read your commercial…

  4. Larry says:

    Nice post. I call it bumper sticker politics. It is exactly like bumper sticker theology – completely worthless.

  5. Jason McCool says:

    What? Vote for someone based on what they’ll do instead of what they say? That just crazy talk! :) What’s sadly funny is when politicians use that same line about “taking back Washington” when they’re already knee-deep in it. They think because they’re running for a different public office than the one they’re in, that they’re an “outsider” and not just another incumbent. But I digress. Good points, Charlie.

  6. Kim Blanchette says:

    Here’s an idea – how about a campaign season in which all the candidates are not allowed to say a word after they announce they are running for (fill in the name of the office for which you are running). Voters would be forced to do their own research into the backgrounds of candidates; offices held, voting records, published work (if any). Voters could really find out whose actions mirror their words. No real, researchable public service experience translates to no chance. Voting could then be based on actions of candidates in their pasts, not the “empty sound bites” upon which we, in all of our busyness tend to rely at the polls. Salient points!

  7. Steve Manatt says:

    I’m all for a little more .38 Special in Washington…

    “If you cling too tightly, you’re gonna lose control…”
    “It took so long to change my mind…”
    “I let you go, now I’m changing my mind…back where you belong”

    Probably would do quite well in fact…

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